Sunday, 12 July 2009

Three new 99c Ellatrons in review in the App Store

Today we expanded the Ellatron product range for the first time. We've had feedback that $2.99 is too much to pay for an excellent, rich, well-written synthesizer for the iPhone. Clearly we disagree! But to be fair, there are a whole bunch of music apps in the store, a lot of them useless, and $2.99 is a big punt if you don't know what you are going to get.

So to make it easier for the impulse purchasers, and to give people a taste of the Ellatron experience at the critical $0.99 price point, we are today introducing 3 variants of "Ellatron Lite" into the App Store. These are -

Organtron : 5 great organ sounds, tonewheel and 'transistor' voices
Orchestron : 5 orchestral themed voices, and is closest to the original Ellatron concept, allowing you to play with choirs, brass and strings. And finally -
Synthron : a set of analog-sounding synths and synth basses, plus the new fave the StellaPhone.

Each Ellatron Lite also comes with a taster of full Ellatron in the shape of the chamber string section of RiekoTron, plus the walloping Ellatron drum loops.

Each of these Lite version stands up on its own - the organ collection is a match for any other organ App in the store, the synth collection is excellent, and the Orchestron gives you the pocket Mellotron experience at a new, low, low price point.

So now there's no excuse to indulge in some Ellatronics! Go on - you know you want to ...

We anticipate the new Lite versions to be available for sale before August 1st, so long as we don't hit any Apple-shaped roadblocks ... watch this space!

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