Sunday, 27 June 2010

Summer shutdown at Ellatron HQ

We are taking a synchronized 7 days in the sun, so don't feel upset if your emails are unanswered for a few days - we'll be back as normal very soon, with a bunch of great things to come in the second half of the year.

Back in early July!

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Mellotronics M3000 for iPad is a big success

Obviously when you put your heart and soul and a lot of work into a new musical instrument you hope it will be well-received, and that it will be valuable to, and treasured by those who play it.

We seem to have managed it based on the first few days of availability of the M3000. We have had excellent positive feedback to date, and the question we now find ourselves asking is this - are there now more copies of M3000 than there were Mellotrons manufactured by Streetly? The answer to this will need to wait until Martin (font of all Tron knowledge at Streetly) returns from a business trip to Copenhagen, but wouldn't it be wonderful to have in less than a week doubled the amount of Mellotronic goodness on the planet?

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

M3000 1.0.1 went live ...

... exactly one day after 1.0 went on sale - sorry boys and girls, it's just unfortunate timing. We realized that it was critical to have the 'Chord level' function in place to play Nights in White Satin for the 3 minute guide video (we had it pegged for a 'next release' feature) so we put it in, submitted, made the video, then waited. And waited. We thought it would just sail through - tiny change, app already cleared for sale, how long can it take? Whoops. Our bad.

Our assumption - iOS 4.0 testing is backed up, and (despite M3000 being iPad-only) we were honest and didn't tick the 'Tested on iOS 4.0' box in iTunes Connect - we suspect that stuck into a 'needs more testing' queue.

Which is a very long-winded way of saying sorry to force you to download the same 113 MByte app 2 days running. No way to treat early adopters, we agree, so we will buy at least some of you a drink when we see you.

In the meantime an eagle-eyed customer has spotted another 'deliberate mistake' which we need to fix. On with the endless refresh cycle!!

Saturday, 12 June 2010

This is cool - video from Fumita Anzai using Ellatron (and a few other excellent music Apps).

Hoping to get him (her?) a copy of MELLOTRONICS M3000 HD (that's a mouthful - I'll start saying 'M3000' from now on) - total Tronfest would be so, so awesome. And this is what I *love* about making music Apps - I do the thing I'm good at, and then people out there who are good at music do beautiful, wonderful things that bring a tear to my eye and a warming to my heart.

Well done Fumita Anzai - just more Tron next time!!!

Friday, 11 June 2010

MELLOTRONICS M3000 HD - new website up, on sale date announced

A frantic day of running around, making phone calls, signing off press releases - and, most unexpected of all, fixing some silly late-stage problems in the code - and then we were done, and the new website went live and the press release went out. And our good friends and now business partners at Streetly updated their site as well.

So, for of all you out there holding your breath - MELLOTRONICS M3000 HD - or 'M3000' for short - hits the shops - that is, all the App Stores, all around the world, all at once - June 14th. I'd like to give you an accurate time but stuff like a) timezones and b) the uselessly low speed of light make it difficult. So June 14th is all I can say.

Exciting, isn't it?!