Tuesday, 15 June 2010

M3000 1.0.1 went live ...

... exactly one day after 1.0 went on sale - sorry boys and girls, it's just unfortunate timing. We realized that it was critical to have the 'Chord level' function in place to play Nights in White Satin for the 3 minute guide video (we had it pegged for a 'next release' feature) so we put it in, submitted, made the video, then waited. And waited. We thought it would just sail through - tiny change, app already cleared for sale, how long can it take? Whoops. Our bad.

Our assumption - iOS 4.0 testing is backed up, and (despite M3000 being iPad-only) we were honest and didn't tick the 'Tested on iOS 4.0' box in iTunes Connect - we suspect that stuck into a 'needs more testing' queue.

Which is a very long-winded way of saying sorry to force you to download the same 113 MByte app 2 days running. No way to treat early adopters, we agree, so we will buy at least some of you a drink when we see you.

In the meantime an eagle-eyed customer has spotted another 'deliberate mistake' which we need to fix. On with the endless refresh cycle!!

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