Sunday, 3 January 2010

Ellatron 1.5 test - Mellotron Classics : Space Oddity

Ellatron 1.5 and the brand spanking new website are almost ready, so to celebrate we decided to remix Space Oddity, removing both Rick Wakeman and Rolf Harris (yes, we know Rolf didn't *actually* play on it, OK?) and inserting Ellatron instead.

Excellent results!


  1. OK, I'm a bit confused. I just bought Ellatron, after watching what can be done with the pads, and that's not showing for me at all.

  2. Oh, I have it, I watched the instructional video. no instructions so for anyone who doesn't know either... press control panel, then chord mode [it lights up green] then control panel again, and there you are.

  3. Ok, so watching this video, he's programming pad #2 and somehow (magic?) the lower keyboard does a flip, and I'm going WTF? because there doesn't seem to be a way to do that... what witchcraft is this and how do I do it?