Friday, 17 December 2010

Coffee ...

Developing software for iOS devices is a coffee-heavy affair. Here at Ellatron central we just got ourselves the coolest Espresso machine on the planet, so pretty it really should be on sale at the Apple Store as the iSpresso.

And it was *cheap*!!

Check out the Presso from Le Cafe Shop - rattling off the benefits one by one, it is
* £200 cheaper than the machine we just retired
* hygenic - no milky ick on a steamer pipe, but a cool milk frotherizer
* easier to clean than the machine we just retired
* makes better-tasting coffee (not sure how they manage that one!)
* uses no electricity - shoulder power pumps the water through the coffee, and your existing kettle heats the water
* uses up way less space in the kitchen than the machine we just retired
* cool cool cool - and gorgeous
* comes with a free pack of exquisite coffee

It is awesome.

Now for some more coffee ...


  1. No offense but you claimed that ellatron 2.0 was coming in early december. Its now mid January, can you give us a status update or a reason for the delay

  2. Hello,
    Are you guys still actively working?

    All posts have stopped. Looking forward to the manual, updates, etc.


  3. How's about some Core MIDI support for M3000 to go with that coffee ? ><