Thursday, 11 November 2010

Ellatron via CoreMIDI

Following on from the video of 2 days ago which was made with a genuinely brilliant but not yet on the market pro-level MIDI interface, this illustrates the most cost-effective way to turn Ellatron / M3000 and soon Jordantron into a MIDI-powered instrument if you don't mind repurposing other bits of hardware you have hanging around the house ...

Take 1 iPad.
Take 1 Ellatron. Or M3000. Or Jordantron.
Take 1 powered USB hub. The 'powered' bit is important
Take 1 Apple Camera Connection Kit.
Take 1 M-Audio Axiom 49. Or similar. But we really do like the Axiom 49 ...

Instant MIDI-enabled Tron.

CoreMIDI really is brilliant, and will be the way forward for iOS devices and performance music. Unfortunately the iPod Touch 4G (and therefore I assume iPhone 4) don't recognise the Camera Connection Kit, so this route is only available to Paddies. Now I'd better put the USB hub back where it came from ...


  1. p.s. *HUGE* incalculably massive thanks to Pete Goodliffe whose proof of concept code was invaluable. If you want to integrate CoreMIDI into your own App, just pick up Peter's code from here -

  2. synthstation25 support please!

  3. me too ...synthstation25 support please!

  4. Cool, great app!

    Any plans for midi out? That would be fantastic!

  5. It doesn't work.
    It's fake.
    Nice application & good sounds but the core midi support is a lie!
    Sorry guys!
    And you do not answer to e-mails.
    Are you still alive?

  6. Is there anyone from the developers or administrator following this blog?
    Are you still alive?